Since I began my practice, Scottsdale Intervention and Counseling LLC, my purpose has been to provide my local community with a comprehensive resource for addiction treatment.  When anyone in my “neighborhood” has a problem with addiction or knows someone with a problem with addiction I hope they will call me so I can help.

In the early stages of recovery from addiction and codependency people need a lot of support and an Intervention on the addicted system is usually the first order of business.  The addict and the family members need to learn about the addictive process and how to best treat it.  Once they are motivated to get treatment, they need help determining which treatment option is best suited to their unique needs.

Sometimes I provide the treatment myself, in my office.  And sometimes I refer them to another treatment provider.  There are instances when the best treatment approach is to send a person far away from home, hoping they will never return, and will build a new life for themselves far from negative local situations.  There are also instances when, for clinical reasons, the best treatment provider is located in another state.  More often, however, it is most effective to utilize local treatment and recovery resources.

Using local resources is beneficial for the addict because she builds her early recovery foundation in the environment she will continue to work and live.  Staying close to primary family members makes it convenient for them participate in family programs at the treatment center. Local codependency treatment and recovery resources can also be utilized for family members and friends.

When you use local resources you avoid travel.  Travel adds to the cost of treatment (these valuable dollars could be going to support additional treatment) and travel (especially airline travel) costs the environment by burning carbon based fuels.

It is also environmentally friendly and usually less expensive to use a local Interventionist.  A local Interventionist will be better acquainted with local treatment resources and will typically be less expensive because you do not have to pay for travel expenses.

So when you can, buy local!  I am proud to be your Scottsdale local intervention, counseling, and consulting option!